Direction East


Direction East was founded in 2009 by China-specialist Arjen Schutten. After graduation in sinology he worked for more than 10 years for the Dutch government in the field of international business and cooperation. His first assignment was investment officer China for the well-known Dutch private sector development program PSI. During this period he advised many Dutch companies at start-up and development phases in relation to their investment projects in China. Later on he served as Manager Asia for the same investment program and designed a new bilateral program on scientific and technological cooperation between the Netherlands and China . Schutten is an expert in public private partnerships.

Schutten also initiated the China Expertise Centre: a speakers bureau that delivers top keynote speakers for lectures, seminars and workshops on China.

Direction East advises both the private and the public sector in establishing new partnerships in China. Within the framework of the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010 Direction East established new contacts for Dutch companies and knowledge institutes active in safety and security. For the City of the Hague he established during the World Expo new contacts with Chinese universities in the field of international law.


arjen schutten