Direction East

Wecba Netherlands

The World Eminence Chinese Business Association (WECBA) is one of the largest Chinese business network organizations in China. WECBA focuses on large Chinese enterprises as its main members.  In 2011 WECBA will count over 55,000 core members and about 550,000 associating members. Most of them are large scale companies (over 2000 employees).

Every year WECBA is active in organizing all kinds of business matching events in China aimed at establishing new partnerships. In addition to these events in mainland China, WECBA also takes part in international conferences. In October 2009 WECBA participated at a special business summit organized in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. After this event WECBA decided to establish its first European office in The Hague. Direction East assists WECBA the Netherlands to set up new activities in the Netherlands.